New Practising the Piano website launched!

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new Practising the Piano website.  Little did I know that when I first started blogging a few years ago, my humble blog would grow to over 100 free articles (over 100,000 words) and an eBook series spanning several volumes.  As a result, some updates were needed in order to improve the user experience for readers of both the free resources and the eBook series.

The following is a summary of some of the new website features:

  • General – new layout, improved usability, additional navigation options (e.g. breadcrumbs, drop down menus) and a “responsive design” for mobile devices
  • Structure – dedicated sections have been created for my blog postings and eBook series
  • Archive – there are now additional ways to access archives from a dedicated archives page, including by category (type of article) or featured tags relevant to the article
  • Series catalogue – a number of improvements have been made to the series catalogue making it easier to preview publications and access the various purchase options (e.g. Direct, Amazon or Apple iBooks)
  • Help and support – an overview of how the eBook series works has been provided along with detailed information on common questions and links to my publishers online support resource

While I will continue to post regularly as I have done in the past, the new site also provides me with a better foundation for a number of new features that I have planned for the future!

Please note that with migrations like this I do anticipate some minor teething issues therefore please feel free to contact me should you experience any problems in using the new site.  Otherwise any other feedback or suggestions would also be welcome.  Thanks for your continued support!

Newsite2 Newsite1