Two Preludes, a Pavane & Grieg –

In this month’s practice clinic, Graham Fitch answers to questions on co-ordination, building speed, use of expression in early keyboard music and more in preludes by Heller and Alan Bullard, one of Grieg’s most famous Lyric Pieces and Byrd’s Earl of Salisbury.  

Grieg's wedding at Troldhaugen

Practice clinic questions

S. Heller Prelude in C# Minor (No. 10 from 24 Preludes, Op. 81) – I’m struggling to co-ordinate my LH in bars 17 – 20 – I can’t seem to get it even at the tempo, and it falls apart when I add the RH. Any ideas for practice please?!

Alan Bullard Prelude in G Major (No. 8 from Twelve or Thirteen Preludes for Piano, Set One) – Could you please let me know how I might prepare and play the LH ad lib section in this work (bar 41)?

Grieg Wedding Day at Troldhaugen (Op.65 No.6 from Lyric Pieces) – I absolutely love this piece,but need some help with the second section. I can’t make any sense of it rhythmically and my hands won’t manage the passage at the speed. Also, I don’t have a big enough stretch for the LH chords just before the octaves. May I leave notes out? There doesn’t seem to be enough time to arpeggiate them.

William Byrd Pavan: The Earl of Salisbury – Although I enjoy playing this piece, I am not confident about what I’m allowed to do with it expressively. I would appreciate your advice about how to change things on the repeats and whether it is OK to use the pedal.

Further resources & links

  • Click here to view Graham’s full video lesson for the Heller Prelude featured in this clinic.
  • Click here to view a recording of Alan Bullard’s Prelude played by the composer on YouTube. You can also read a blog post by the composer about the work here and the score is available for purchase here.

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