Interactive Practising Workshops – Take Your Practising to the Next Level!

Our online events line-up for our Piano Day 2021 festival includes two interactive practising workshops. These sessions are designed to give you a hands-on, interactive experience in applying Graham Fitch’s practice tools in your daily practising and within the context of pieces that you play or are learning.

interactive practising workshop

Note Learning & Maintaining Repertoire

The first workshop is an online version of a very successful event that we ran last year in London and is designed as a complement to our previous practice tools presentations. It features a practical demonstration of selected practice tools useful in the note learning stages of a new piece and for keeping repertoire pieces in tip-top condition.

Each concept is introduced and explained following which a break-out session to give you the opportunity to try it yourself at your keyboard (you do not need to have a camera or to share your camera unless you wish to!). During and after the break-out sessions you will have an opportunity to get direct feedback or to ask questions.

Click here to find out more about this session or click here for details of our full Piano Day 2021 programme.

Solving Technical & Musical Problems

The second workshop looks at practice tools for solving technical and musical problems in tricky spots in pieces. Graham will discuss the concept of quarantining and approach to isolating and targeting these spots. These might be technical challenges or issues pertaining to interpretation, phrasing and articulation.

This workshop takes the form of a “clinic” in which Graham will work directly with participants to help them find solutions to their problems in a group setting. You do not have to participate directly and can simply observe the session if you prefer. If you do wish to participate then you will have the opportunity to submit details of your problem or questions in advance.

Click here to find out more about this session or click here for details of our full Piano Day 2021 programme.

Who they are for?

The workshops are aimed at pianists from a late elementary through to advanced level. You don’t need to have attended one of our previous workshops in order to attend, but if you have done so then you may find this new session to be a highly beneficial follow-on!

The following are some comments from participants in our previous interactive workshops:

  • “I enjoyed the “hands on” format, instantly putting into practice the topic of discussion is very beneficial. I would almost like to have this format all the time!”
  • “The interlaced 10 min practice sessions were excellent. They helped cement more what Graham was addressing.”
  • “This workshop was so good! Graham has the gift of making everything seem possible and is able to explain and demonstrate how to practise at all levels of piano playing – from beginners to advanced. I feel inspired and encouraged by what I learned in this workshop.”
  • “Even though I have attended other workshops on these topics before, I found this more practical format to be incredibly useful and engaging!”
  • “I loved the well-constructed sessions with a balanced approach of information provided combined with a chance to try out ideas at my own piano in private.”
  • “The materials were well designed and inclusive. The host and presenter were very positive and encouraging – not easy to achieve in an online format!”

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