Improve Your Technique! – Resources & Workshops

Mastering piano technique is essential to have the freedom to successfully express your musical intentions. If improving your technique is among your #pianogoals for 2021 then we’ve got you covered!

The Online Academy features an extensive collection of resources on technique, including video lessons and eBooks. We also have several online workshops lined up which will help you develop various aspects of your piano technique!

improve your technique

Resources for improving technique

We’ve recently added the following resources to the Online Academy’s technique library:

  • Developing a Balanced Technique – Ilga Pitkevica shares insights into approaches for achieving “pianistic fitness” based on her experience of the traditions of the Russian School of piano playing (includes two new videos on how to use Hanon!). Click here fore more information.
  • The Exercises of Peter Feuchtwanger – Graham Fitch and Daniel Grimwood share their experiences in working with Peter Feuchtwanger and discuss his unique exercises. Click here fore more information.

The following are some of our other most popular resources:

  • Foundations of Good Technique – Video lecture series on how to teach good pianistic habits and ease of movements from the start, and tackle problems in piano playing caused by lack of flexibility. Click here to view.
  • Elementary Technique (Introduction and Basics) – Module exploring the basics of piano technique. Click here to view or click here for more information on other modules.
  • Mastering Piano Technique – Part 2 of Graham Fitch’s Practising the Piano eBook series provides an overview of different schools and traditions through to an extensive listing of technical exercises. Click here for more information.

These resources are all available with an annual subscription to the Online Academy or can be purchased individually from our store.

Online technique workshops

Why not join one of our online workshops for a more hands-on experience and an opportunity to have your questions on technique answered?

  • Using Technical Exercises and Studies Effectively (Saturday 6th February @ 14:00 – 15:30 GMT) – Graham Fitch presents a selection of widely-used technical studies and exercises. Click here for more information.
  • Introduction to Forearm Rotation (Saturday 6th February @ 16:00 – 17:30 GMT) –  A hands-on introduction to incorporating forearm rotation into your playing. Click here for more information.
  • Creating a Beautiful Piano Sound (Saturday 20th February @ 15:00 – 17:00 GMT) – Penelope Roskell explains the principles behind producing a beautiful tone quality using exercises from her book, The Complete Pianist. Click here fore more information.

More information on how our online events work is available here and details of other events are available here.

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Whether it’s learning a piece, developing a specific aspect of technique, playing for others or learning something new, we’d love to hear what your ambitions for the year are!

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