Practising the Piano – Black Friday Offers on Piano Resources!

It’s Black Friday weekend and we have an array of exciting specials lined-up. From offers on bundles of popular video lessons to multimedia eBooks and enhanced scores, don’t miss our specials for great savings on resources for your piano playing or teaching!

We’re kicking-off with a selection of offers on new bundles and collections, including a compilation of resources on technique and highlights from our online workshops programme. Additional specials will be added over the course of the weekend and you can sign-up to our mailing list here for notifications and updates on any new offers.

Featured Offers

  • NEW: Foundations in Piano Technique – Penelope Roskell’s online course for beginner pianists teaches the foundations for an excellent piano technique in 25 step-by-step lessons. With high-quality videos and numerous musical examples and exercises, the course helps beginner and returning pianists overcome technical challenges and build strong foundations for quick and confident progress. Click here to save 25% and purchase this course for only £60 (standard price: £80).
  • ABRSM Piano Syllabus Bundles – The 2023 & 2024 ABRSM syllabus offers a graded collection of pieces from all levels of the repertoire, including both popular works and hidden gems. Our video lessons provide an essential guide for teachers and candidates, in addition to a fantastic resource for pianists looking for exciting new repertoire! Click on one of the following links get 30% off video lesson bundles as part of our Black Friday specials:
  • Ultimate Technique Bundle (includes new octaves module!) – This collection of resources combines a selection of our most popular modules and video lessons on improving your piano technique and will be useful to beginners, teachers and pianists seeking a technical “refresher”! Click here to save £15 and purchase this bundle for only £30 (standard price: £45).
  • There’s More to Playing the Piano – David Hall’s eBook gives a thorough explanation of music theory with practical keyboard activities and video links for each topic covering everything from the very basics to a point just beyond Grade 5. Click here to save 30% off the purchase price of £14.99!
  • The Complete Pianist: From Healthy Technique to Natural Artistry – eBook version of Penelope Roskell’s award winning book, The Complete Pianist. Based on a lifetime’s experience of teaching and performing with more than 500 pages of text, 300 videos and 200 exercises, it is the most comprehensive book ever written on piano playing. Click here for more information or click here to save 20% and purchase for only £36 (standard price: £45)!
  • PTC Live Workshop Bundle – Collection of recordings for PTC Live workshops from 5th Dec 2022, 29th Jan 2023 and 5th March 2023 featuring twelve presentations by Jill Morton, Beate Toyka, Kris Worsley, Masayuki Tayama and Lucinda Mackworth-Young. Click here to find out more about this series and the individual workshops or click here to purchase for £120 (a saving of £80 on the individual ticket prices!).
  • Practising the Piano eBook Series – Given the amount of time an aspiring pianist needs to spend practising, it is vital to know how to make the best use of this time. Graham Fitch’s highly acclaimed multimedia eBook series equips you with specific tools to help you every step of the way, giving you concrete skills to learn pieces, solve problems, memorise and much more. Click here to save 40% and purchase all four volumes for £24 (standard price: £40).
  • Annotated Study Edition Bundle – Inspired by Alfred Cortot’s editions, our study editions provide enhanced scores for popular pieces with annotations, fingering, foot notes and links. These scores will show you the best way to go about learning a piece and tackling its associated challenges! Click here to save 40% and purchase a bundle of study editions for £18.00 (Standard price: £30).

Online Event Recordings & Resources

Our highly popular events programme has seen pianists from all over the globe participate in a range of different types of online workshops. If you missed these events, you can save up to £45 on the following events bundles:

  • Deep Learning & Practice Tools Bundle – Click here to save £45 and purchase a bundle featuring resources and recordings from Graham Fitch’s full day courses on applying his practice tools and techniques for deep learning.
  • Online Workshop Highlights Bundle – Click here to save £45 and purchase a compilation of the resources and resources from some of our most popular online workshops on practising, learning pieces, playing fast, technique and more! 
  • London Piano Courses Bundle – Click here to save £45 and purchase recordings from our first two London Piano Courses featuring presentations on style, learning pieces, Baroque music  and performance workshops.
  • Awakening the Imagination Bundle – Click here to save £24 and purchase a set of online presentations by Graham Fitch on imagination, narrative and interpretation followed by a showcase of repertoire ideas at all levels, including both popular works and hidden gems. 
  • Technique Series – Click here to save £20 and purchase recordings from Graham Fitch’s technique workshops featuring six presentations on topics including basic fundamentals, incorporating forearm rotation, scales & arpeggios, using exercises & studies, inventing exercises and mastering chords, octaves & double notes!

You can also save 20% on access to resources for these individual events:

If you’re an Online Academy subscriber then all of these discounts (in addition to the bundles!) are still applicable after your subscriber discount of 40%. Therefore you get 40% off and then a further 20% off the discounted price!

Modules & Video Lessons

A selection of our materials included with subscriptions to the Online Academy are available for once-off purchase without subscription. Click on one of the following links to save up to £15:

eBooks & Editions

Click on one of the following links to save up to 40% on eBooks and editions:


Our digital resources make the perfect Christmas gift for a pianist or teacher and we have a selection of some of our most popular products available for gift purchase at savings of up to 40%:

More Offers!

Use voucher code BLACKFRI2023 to get 20% off all other products in our store, including:

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  • eBooks & study editions (click here to view)
  • Online workshops and resources from past events (click here to view)
  • Gifts including video lessons, subscriptions and eBooks (click here to view)