New Finchcocks Piano Courses! – Practising the Piano

I am delighted to announce a brand new venture – a series of weekend piano courses from Finchcocks. What I like about this series is there is something for everyone. If you are an intermediate player and feel a little intimidated about going to some of the other piano courses on offer, then you will find what you’re looking for here. Finchcocks are running courses from the beginner level to the advanced in the comfortable surroundings of this beautiful and historic estate.

The first course took place this last weekend and it was a huge success. The instruments and practice space worked really well and the food and accommodation got good reviews too. You can read about it in this blog post.

I am much looking forward to the two courses I shall be running next year. The first one, in June, is targeted at upper intermediate level – for people who have reached a good (grade 4 -8) standard, but perhaps don’t practise as much as they would like. Equally, current intermediates would benefit from this course. I shall be giving lots of advice and tips for getting the most out of your daily practice sessions.

For details, and to book, click here

The second course is also targeted at the upper intermediate level but is more of a performance workshop. It will focus on developing performance skills, including memorisation, practising towards a performance, aspects of style (Baroque and Classical styles expecially), technique and overcoming nerves and anxiety. In advance of the course, each student is encouraged to practise a few pieces so that, over the course of the weekend session, they begin to feel happy performing in front of the group.

For details, and to book, click here

Do check out the courses on offer and book your places soon to avoid disappointment. I look forward to seeing you there.