Free Online Event on Piano Day

The 29th of March is the 88th day of the year and we celebrated Piano Day 2022 by hosting a free online event featuring a revised version of one of our most popular online workshops. We will also be offering other specials on a selection of our resources.

Graham Fitch presents free online event

Fundamentals of Piano Practice

In this online workshop Graham Fitch demonstrated his tried and tested methods and strategies for learning pieces and practising more effectively. Based on his eBook series and original practice tools workshops, the workshop covered the following:

  • How to analyse your piece: Before embarking on note learning, you will need some sort of a map of the terrain. Analysis does not have to be academic or dry – we will explore a few different and creative approaches to gain a clear overview of the shape and structure of the music
  • The importance of a good fingering: To assist with the process of automation (muscle memory) planning the fingering is essential. However, the printed fingering is a suggestion only so we will be covering some of the principles of fingering and how to choose the fingering that fits your hand.
  • Using “The Three S’s” in day-to-day practice: How to apply the principles of “Slowly”, “Separately”, and “Sections” to achieve real results from your practice session.
  • Deep-learning techniques: Many players apply a superficial repeated play-through approach in their practice, creating frustration when things do not improve. Liszt advised us to “make haste slowly”, and in this segment we will explore some aspects of deliberate, methodical practice that are absorbing and creative, and that yield permanent results.
  • The two practice states: Practising is a mindful process involving self-diagnosis and an understanding of how to apply the practice tools at every stage. When we prepare for a performance there is a different focus, where non-stop run-throughs become part of our training. 

If you missed this event then you can still obtain access to the recording and resources by signing-up to our newsletter!

About Our Online Events

Originally started at the onset of the pandemic in 2020, our online events programme has proven to be an incredibly popular complement to our various digital resources. To date, hundreds of pianists and teachers from over thirty countries have participated in a range of events on topics including sight-reading, performing, preparing for examinations, technique and many more!

If you’d like to get a taste of some of the content, this extract from a workshop from one of our workshops on playing faster shows how to apply chaining techniques to the Allegro of the first movement of Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata:

Further extracts from workshops can be viewed on our YouTube channel here and a listing of our past events is available here. If you haven’t yet participated in one of our online workshops and would like to do so, then this is the perfect chance to try one out. Click here to book your free place!

What Participants Say

Here’s what some of our participants have had to say about our online events and workshops:

“Excellent format and content, appropriate number of people and expertly demonstrated – I thoroughly enjoyed the session.”

“I had ready Graham’s books on practice, but it was great to be reminded of the key principles in a way that was focused, allowed questions and made me feel like a member of an engaged community of piano learners.”

“I enjoyed this workshop very much even though I had to be up at 6 AM! I am a member of Practising the Piano Online Academy and I have the eBooks but I always learn a bit more each time I review the materials or view a presentation!”

“The practical advice and very specific examples regarding effective practice. It’s great to not only hear about the principles but to be guided through sample applications.”

“Graham’s pedagogy is thorough and the scope of the content is as wide as it is deep.”

“I am very grateful for these events. That way, people who are not able to travel can benefit from the knowledge of a great teacher as well!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to using these newly gained tools in my piano practice.”

“I am very glad I have attended the Practice Tools workshop. I really liked the fact that Graham was going through any questions that we were posting in the chat in between his presentation slides.”

“The best part of the workshops was where Graham answered our questions when we needed clarification.”

“The clarity of Graham’s teaching and being able to watch his demonstrations so clearly and in such detail was fantastic.”

“I hope there will be more events like this in the future. I also found the combination with the materials on the Online Academy to be very beneficial.”


Free Online Event – Deep Learning & Memorisation!

As a result of the incredible response we received for the free online event we ran on 29th March, we’ve decided to schedule another on Saturday 11th June @ 17:00 – 18:00 BST (GMT +1). This session will feature an abbreviated version of one of our other most popular workshops on deep learning and memorisation.

free online event - deep learning & memorisation

Beyond muscle memory

Playing a piece over and over eventually makes the muscular movements automatic, but this muscle memory can be extremely unreliable when under pressure in a performing situation. In this online workshop, Graham Fitch explores the different memory systems and introduces various tools that will help you go beyond simply relying on muscle memory when preparing for a performance.

Workshop content

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • About the learning process and the memory systems involved i.e. muscular, aural and analytic
  • “Muscles last” – How to develop the other memory systems alongside to supplement muscle memory
  • A simple, personalised approach to analysis which keeps the mind engaged and alert during practice
  • How to use effective tools for deep learning including deconstruction, tracking, and controlled stops 
deep learning & memorisation tools

The material will be useful for piano teachers and pianists of an intermediate level and above. The session will be recorded and all participants will receive a link to download the video. Therefore, if you are unable to attend the session on the day, you will still be able to watch the video at your convenience.

Whether you choose to perform with the score or not, this workshop will equip you with effective tools to ensure that you know a work on a much deeper level!

About Our Online Events

Our online workshops programme was launched in 2020 and has proven to be an incredibly popular complement to our various digital resources. We have also discovered many benefits to the format, including the opportunity for participants can try things at home during a session and interacting with a diverse audience across the globe!

If you haven’t yet participated in one of our online workshops and would like to do so, then this is the perfect chance to try one out! If you would like to attend this event then please sign-up by completing the form below following which you will receive further registration instructions. More information on how our online events work is also available here.