New Piano Courses – Practising the Piano

On Saturday 24th of September we will be kicking off the first of our new piano courses in central London. This initiative is the next development in our events programme following on from our birthday event which took place at the beginning of this year and our Piano Day Festival last year. 

The format combines in-person attendance and online participation in our new studios which have been configured for filming and streaming high quality video. During the course of the day, Graham Fitch will host a variety of sessions, including presentations, performance workshops and several Q&A sessions. 

For those able to join us in London, it’s an ideal opportunity to get feedback on your playing, help with specific challenges and trouble spots, and general encouragement in a convenient central location!

If you aren’t able to participate in person, you can still learn and gain inspiration from observing the sessions online. There will also be opportunities to ask questions via chat during various sessions and in advance for the Practice Q&A. The sessions will be streamed and all participants will receive high-definition recordings of them after the event.

Sessions & format

Presentations – Graham will give presentations on two of his most popular topics: learning new pieces and style in different periods. 

Performance workshops – Each in-person participant will have a 30-minute slot to play a piece or or part thereof. How this session is used is up to you – most will choose to give a performance followed by feedback from Graham, but you might decide you prefer a problem-solving session instead! 

Practice Q&A – In this session Graham will address practising-related questions submitted in advance by all participants, including our online audience.  

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Early-Bird Offers & Subscriber Discounts

Up to six places for in-person participants are available at a cost of £175 per person for the full day. This includes access to all sessions, a 30-minute performance or feedback slot, refreshments, a light lunch and recordings after the event. Click here to book your place!

Online tickets include access to live streaming of all sessions, the opportunity to participate in Q&A for selected sessions via chat and links to resources and recordings after the event. Tickets for the full day (all four sessions) cost £80 (£48 for Online Academy subscribers) and can be purchased here.

Please visit our event listing page for answers to frequently asked questions or click here to contact us if you have any other questions.