Technical Fundamentals Collection – Practising the Piano

The Online Academy’s content library continues to grow with almost 100 videos added in the last few months alone! We’ve also recently added a new “collections” feature to provide another way of navigating and finding content. These collections provide guided pathways through selections of content based subjects and themes not directly covered with existing browse and search features.

The first collection featured highlights from the main content categories within the Online Academy. We have now added another collection offering a selection of resources on technical fundamentals. This selection is aimed at pianists at an elementary level and their teachers. It will also be useful to returning pianists as a technical “refresher” or “health check”, or indeed any pianist looking for tips to improve their technique.

technical fundamentals collection

Collection contents

The collection covers the following topics with a combination of articles, video lectures and demonstrations:

  • A brief treatise on the history of technique and some perspectives on the subject from Graham Fitch
  • A tried-and-tested warm-up sequence from healthy playing expert, Penelope Roskell
  • Tips on developing good pianistic habits from the start from Ilga Pitkevica, including posture, positioning of hands and fundamental movements
  • And finally some suggestions on finger exercises and ideas for using the ubiquitous excercises of Hanon effectively from Graham

How to access it?

The technique collection can be viewed here, or from the collections listing here. Scrolling to the bottom of the page, “START” button and then navigate backwards and forwards. You can also jump

start technical fundamentals collection

A few of the resources within this collection are freely available to view, whereas most require an Online Academy subscription or can be purchased individually (please see further links below).

Other technique resources

The full listing of resources in the Online Academy’s technique library can be searched here. Recent updates include a video series on developing a holistic, balanced technique by Ilga Pitkevica and a set of demonstrations and lectures on the unique exercises of Peter Feuchtwanger.

More resources are currently in the pipeline, including Ilga’s recommendations on using Hanon, resources on popular studies and exercises plus a detailed module on “getting to grips with octaves” by Graham Fitch.

Further links & resources