A Baroque Bonanza – Practising the Piano

Our second London Piano Course takes place on Saturday 22nd October with a similar format to our first event in September, but with a focus on Baroque music. In this day of workshops and presentations, Graham Fitch shows how repertoire from the Baroque period can be played stylistically and expressively on the piano.

Video screenshot – Graham Fitch presenting at our September event

As with our September event, the day will also feature a performance workshop and a Q&A session. This gives in-person participants an opportunity to present Baroque pieces (or part thereof) and to work on them with Graham. There will also be an opportunity for both our in-person and online audience to ask questions pertaining to learning, interpreting and performing Baroque music on the piano.

The event takes place at our new studios in central London and will also be recorded and streamed to an online audience (please see details on ticket options below).

Playing Baroque music on the piano

Sessions & format

Presentations – Having a knowledge of historical performance practice is essential for approaching Baroque music pianistically and with confidence. In a set of presentations, Graham will draw upon his background as a harpsichord student and pianist to demonstrate how to tackle topics such as ornamentation, articulation, tone and the complexities learning contrapuntal music.

Performance workshops – Each in-person participant will have a 30-minute slot to play a piece or part thereof. How this session is used is up to you – most will choose to give a performance followed by feedback from Graham, but you might decide you prefer a problem-solving session instead! 

All participants (in-person and online) will also be able to submit questions for Graham to address. Therefore if you’re struggling with a particular spot in a fugue, confused by an ornament in a gigue or feel that your playing of Baroque music lacks expression then this is your chance to have your questions answered!

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Ticket options & prices

If you missed this event, you can still purchase access to the recordings to watch at your convenience. The videos for the sessions have been created from the footage recorded in the studio and therefore are significantly better quality than the streamed versions. The set of videos for the full day costs £80 (£48 for Online Academy subscribers) and can be purchased here or you can purchase the videos for the presentations only for £60 (£36 for Online Academy subscribers) here.

Please visit our event listing page for answers to frequently asked questions or click here to contact us if you have any other questions.