Practising the Piano Part 2 Now Available

I am delighted to announce the release today of Part 2 of my Practising the Piano eBook series, available via Part 1 (published in March) dealt with practice methodology (techniques of learning) and getting the most out of our practice time. I think of this as a foundation course. Part 2 covers the complex area of piano technique providing a comprehensive treatise on the subject. We all know that technique is essential for realising our musical intentions at the piano. Every dynamic and every nuance must be produced by a technical means, a physical means.  Part 2 is comprised of three volumes featuring:

  • 100+ video demonstrations
  • Almost 1,000 bars of musical excerpts and exercises
  • Numerous diagrams and illustrations
  • Interactive “sliders”
  • Extensive links to supplementary resources

I started playing at the late age of 13 and was fortunate to have excellent teachers from the very best of the European and Russian traditions. I absorbed everything they did with me on a conscious level. I think this is why I have such a thorough understanding of piano technique and can help students overcome technical problems, even those who are not natural pianists. In Practising the Piano I present the best of what I can offer, and while I realise that no publication can ever hope to replace a live teacher, the combination of text, musical examples and video demonstrations enable me to show you quite clearly what needs to be done to manage technical difficulties at the piano while avoiding common pitfalls that lead to tension and injury.

Please click here for more information, free previews or to purchase Practicing the Piano Part 2.

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