Keyboard Conversations with Fred Karpoff

This week’s blog post features a video conversation between pianist, pedagogue and founder of Entrada Piano, Fred Karpoff and Graham Fitch. Fred is also a contributor to Online Academy with a video series and study edition on Czerny’s Op. 821 and will be presenting an online workshop as a practical complement to these videos on Saturday 3rdJune.

Keyboard conversation Graham Fitch Fred Karpoff

In this video, Fred and Graham share anecdotes and experiences from three teachers who inspired and influenced them both. They also discuss approaches to technique, new and old alongside the evolution of their respective online content projects.

Further links

  • Carl Czerny – Eight-Measure Exercises (Op. 821) – Click here to view Fred’s guided tour of selected exercises on the Online Academy
  • Entrada Piano – Click here to visit Fred’s website where you will find hundreds of training videos and his masterclass series.
  • Studies & exercises – Click here for a listing of our resources for studies and exercises by Hanon, Czerny and more!
  • Keyboard Conversations – Click here to view other videos in our Keyboard Conversations series

Unlock Your Potential with …Czerny!?

Join us on Saturday 3rd June @ 14:00 BST for Fred’s online workshop in he will show how a selection of exercises from Czerny’s Op. 821 can be used as powerful vehicles for cultivating successful practice strategies and developing technique. The workshop serves as a practical complement to his Online Academy video series and study edition, giving you a hands-on demonstration of the following:

  • Combining rhythmic practice with whole-body technique for outstanding results   
  • The secrets behind effortless trill
  • Laying the foundation for double notes
  • Integrating rotation and three-dimensional movement for tremolos, arpeggios, active finger passages and scales   
  • How to play the fast chromatic scale (hint – it’s not 1313123…!)

Participants will have the opportunity to try out each of the concepts presented at their keyboards in break-out sessions and gain feedback from Fred. The workshop will also be recorded and along with the recordings, Fred’s study edition featuring videos and scores for the first seven exercises are included in the ticket price. Click here to book your place!

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