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Although playing the piano at home by yourself is a pleasurable activity in its own right, it can be difficult to remain motivated. Sharing your playing with others is a deeply rewarding experience and a great way to maintain your enthusiasm and gain inspiration. Furthermore, obtaining feedback and assistance can help you avoid getting stuck in a rut and elevate your playing (and your enjoyment of it) to a new level!

Online & in-person performance workshops

Our performance workshops have been created to give pianists the opportunity to obtain feedback on their playing and personalised tuition from Graham Fitch in a supportive, encouraging environment. These workshops differ from the traditional masterclass format in that they are open to pianists from a late elementary level upwards and pieces do not need to be performance ready. The emphasis of the sessions is on finding solutions to problems and not exclusively refining or polishing a performance.

Performance workshop masterclass with graham fitch

How it works

Each performer gets a slot to perform and obtain feedback (slots are usually 20 minutes long depending on the session type). For online workshops, performers may choose to perform live or share a recording of a performance. After the performance or recording, Graham will then work with the performer directly.

Depending on the performer’s needs, Graham offers feedback on style, interpretation, technique, practice method, or works with them to find solutions to specific problems in the piece raised by the player.

The following video is an excerpt from a similar type of session held on 29th March and you can read write-ups from participants in this type of event here and another here:

Workshop dates

The first workshop is an in-person event and takes place on Saturday 8th July @ 14:00 BST in our studios in central London. Click here for further details and to book your place!

If you can’t make it to London, then you can also participate online in the next event taking place on 13th July @ 18:30 BST. Click here to book your place or click here to find out more about these workshops and for tips on participating.

Not ready to play yet?

If you’re not ready to play this time around you can still purchase observer tickets for these events to gain insights and inspiration from watching Graham work with each of the participants. The sessions are recorded therefore if you can’t join us live you can also watch the recordings at your convenience after the event. Observer tickets for each of the upcoming events can be purchased via the following links:

Online Academy subscribers get 40% off online workshops which include online observer tickets for both of these events. Click here to find out more about the Online Academy or click here for more information on our online events programme.

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