Festive Greetings & Christmas Gifts!

It’s been an action-packed year for us at Practising the Piano and we are proud to have hosted many events throughout the year presented by myself as well as others from our team of experts. Zoom has proven an ideal platform for a piano workshop, as it enables participants to try out ideas and suggestions in real time from the privacy of their own studios.

I have thoroughly enjoyed creating new content for the Online Academy over the last few years and we have plans for lots more in the coming year. Thank you all for your support, we really appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing many of you in the New Year (starting with our rescheduled Birthday Bash on 15th January!).

Meanwhile, my very best wishes for a happy and peaceful holiday season, and a joyous 2022,

– Graham

festive greetings and christmas gift

The Perfect Gifts for a Pianist!

Are you looking for a present for someone who plays the piano? Our range of eBooks, digital editions, video lessons and subscriptions make ideal presents for piano lovers and teachers! Click here to find out more about how our gift vouchers work or to purchase your gift.

A Christmas Gift for Our Readers

We’re delighted to announce that we’re collaborating with composer Christopher Norton to publish a collection of resources for his works on the Online Academy in 2022. These will include scores, teaching notes and videos for a selection of pieces from his Connections books. In the meantime, Christopher has provided us with a sneak preview of two pieces from his Connections for Piano Christmas which will be available in 2022!

O Little One Sweet

O little One Sweet is a very old carol, the melody attributed to Bach, the words by Samuel Scheidt (1650) translated by Percy Dearmer in 1928. It is a plaintive minor key melody and Christopher Norton has woven a tapestry of musical ideas around the simple melody, even going into an expressive improvisation before the final statement.

Jingly Rag

This is rollicking rag which keeps getting interrupted by fragments of Jingle Bells!

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